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Fun couple trip to Bartlett, TX

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Hi y'all, how have you been doing? Last week, my husband and I had a short road trip to Bartlett, TX for one pretty funny reason.

We started this trip as a result of Will winning the auction for an online estate sale, which we thought was unlikely. For those of you who have never heard of an estate sale, it is a process of selling all (or almost all) of the contents of a house that usually occurs after a death or other event that causes the owners to leave the home quickly. And, much to our surprise, we won a leather jacket for only $10. But the real question now is if it is worthwhile to go 53 miles to pick up an item that you have no idea if it will fit you (haha).

We decided to make the trip to Bartlett our first small road trip in the end.

Where is Bartlett?

View of the countryside

Lunch at a German Restaurant.

Getting our jacket


I enjoy traveling a lot. I traveled much of Vietnam and am ready to explore the world more. I know that things  are much more expensive in the United States, but we will do our best to plan more fun trips. So stay stunned, log in and keep updating new content from! Thanks and see y'all soon!



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