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Sustainable or Ethical, what is the difference?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to my blogs! Let's begin the topic by sharing how I became interested in the fashion world. I was stumped a few months ago when asked for my thoughts on the concept of a "ethical brand." That's when I began reading more and more and have discovered some useful info so far.

Difference between Sustainable, Slow and Ethical fashion
Sustainable or Ethical?

You may have noticed a recent increase in the number of brands mentioning their "sustainability" or "ethical" commitment. They're making the terms more fashionable than ever, especially in this epidemic era, when everyone is considering more factors before making a purchase. So, what exactly do those terms imply?

Their meaning, according to my interpretation, is as follows:

Firstly, let's talk about Sustainable Fashion! This relates to the environmental impact of clothes manufacturing. Pesticides are employed in the production of cotton and other natural, sustainable fabrics, as well as the dyes used in various colors, water and waste treatment, energy conservation, recycling, and occasionally even packaging. The number of possibilities for becoming a more sustainable fashion brand is endless.

Ethical Fashion relates to how the clothes were created, including everything from how the cotton was produced to how the garment workers were treated and compensated, as well as their safety (no sweatshops, child labour, worker abuse, or slavery involved).

Sustainable fashion and animal welfare are sometimes grouped under the “ethical fashion” umbrella, which is a perfectly logical method to defuse the situation. Is it ethical to care for the environment rather than produce absurd amounts of waste? Yes, of course. Is it ethical to treat animals with respect and dignity when using their products (wool, silk, etc.)? Definitely.

You may have also come across the term "slow fashion" on the internet. What sets you apart from the competition?

Slow Fashion refers to the garment's style, design, and quality, as well as the intent behind how it was manufactured (of course it is not a fast fashion brand). It entails purchasing clothing made of long-lasting textiles and avoiding changing fads so that you can continue to wear your favorite pieces for years to come.


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