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Top 4 instant MILK TEA can be found in the US

As a big milk tea lover, I had an "emotional damage" (as Uncle Roger usually said) when I first arrived in the US not because of no decent milk tea store but their unbelievably high price (~$7 in average). While I'm so used to getting one cup of milk tea everyday at just $1 - $3. So I decided to stick to my instant milktea plan.

Here are the list of 4 of my most favorite milk tea from different Asian brands:

1. Royal Myanmar:

This is without a doubt one of my favorite milk tea brands because it is neither watery nor artificially flavored. Although there is sugar added, the flavor is just nice and not sickly sweet. If you enjoy strong tea flavors, this is the one for you. I initially tasted it from a friend who worked between Myanmar and Vietnam, and then all of my coworkers asked him to ship it to us. I couldn't be happier since I found it here. To enhance the flavor, I recommend adding a small amount of condensed milk.

Get Royal Myanmar milk tea here!

2. 3:15PM Prime Milk Tea

3:15pm "anytime anywhere" is a well-known instant milk tea brand from Taiwan. My honest take on this tea is that it is so delicious!! There is sugar added and the flavor is perfect in my opinion. So far, I've tried the rose, traditional, and roasted tea from this brand. Roasted is my favorite! It reminds me of the Vietnam 2021 lockdown, when I made my own milk tea by toasting jasmine tea with sugar and then adding milk afterwards. It's a fantastic option that tastes exactly like what I'd have from the coffee shop. When brewed with hot water, it appears like regular milk tea (light brown color), and each pouch yields around a 120ml cup of tea. I like it hot since the flavor of the hot brew was right on, but cold is fine as well.

Get 3:15PM milk tea here!

3. Royal Milk Tea Hot Cold Nitto Kocha

One of the greatest ready-made tea blends available. The creaminess and richness are just right, yet you can still taste the tea flavor. There's a reason they are so popular in Japan! They're perfect for traveling or creating a fast warm beverage at work when you're feeling down. However, the caffeine content is so low that I can comfortably enjoy a cup before night without worrying about staying awake. This tea comes highly recommended by me!

Get Royal milk tea here!

4. OSULLOC Original Milk Tea

OSULLOC is a Korean milk tea brand that I just found recently. The taste was pretty impressive to me! The mixture has exactly the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. The fermenting procedure gives the tea an extremely rich, subtle flavor. It's far superior to what a powder mix should be. It's not a "junk food" milk tea mix that's too sugary with little tea taste. It's just a pretty nice tea latte that you can have whenever you want or even on the run. It's vital to remember that the tea should only be blended with 8-10 ounces of hot water, making a beautiful tiny cup of tea rather than a large mug. If you add too much water, the mixture will become overly diluted. It tastes like real milk tea, but without the boba!

Get OSULLOC Original milk tea here!


I'm relieved to have discovered wonderful instant milk tea that tastes so authentic! Every week, I have milk tea at least 3 times. So it won't be as convenient to go out and get it at a coffee shop all the time! In the comments box below, please share your favorite milk tea brand and what made you fall in love with them! Have a wonderful day!



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